February 8, 2014

2/8/14. The city director for Dos Palos, California, Darrell Fonseca, took me to breakfast this morning. The conversation was awesome. As it has been with most I’ve conversed with in this area. I went back to my room and promptly fell asleep while it poured the rain. I got up long enough to get my room another day and then went back to bed. It felt good. I think I must be getting a little older. Don’t tell anyone, okay? I’ll probably leave in the morning headed for Los Banos.

I LOVE LIFE. In pushing myself past the urge to feel sorry for myself in trying situations, I’ve learned to bypass the self-pity so easy to yield to, and replace it with a strength, a strength which is Life’s reward to me for appreciating and loving my life with all my heart. The greatest result from the pursuit of my positive LOVE LIFE attitude over the negative self-pity, has been the immense love and respect which has grown within me for my fellow human being. I cannot appreciate and love my life without loving and appreciating yours. And only intense love can heal intense pain. LOVE LIFE my friends and let’s heal each other.