February 7, 2014

2/7/14. I had to stay one more day in Firebaugh because it was pouring rain yesterday when I started to leave. What a blessing for this agricultural area that is suffering their worse drought in years. Walking into Firebaugh was another gauntlet of kindness. Walking through Kerman, Mendota, and Firebaugh, I was given enough money to enable me to buy some things I’ve been wanting but just couldn’t afford. I discovered that most news of me and my LOVE LIFE endeavors to the people in this part of Fresno County did not come via seeing the interview on ABC affiliate, Channel 30 News in Fresno, but came instead through Facebook postings and just plain old word of mouth! Yesterday, my friends, Brandy Preciado, Gilbert Negrete, and Mrs. Vic took me shopping with them in Madera. It was really nice riding around all over the place with them. You know, there’s something to be said for them automobiles. Two young men in the Wal-Mart were staring at me with mouths agape. As I got closer I recognized them as two who had stopped me the day before walking into Firebaugh. “How in the world did you get way over here?” They asked. I just had to play with them and tell them I walked there. They were so funny! “No way!!” they both said.

To those of you who live in or near my hometown of Vero Beach, Florida, there is a walk being planned by The Love Life Support Group for 8:30 Saturday, February 15 to show support for my Love Life Walk. Gathering at the Barber Bridge in Vero Beach on the side of the Riverside Park entrance (causeway east bound). You do NOT have to pay anything! There will be shirts for sale if you want one. If you don’t want to walk, just stop by and get one of the cards like the ones I pass out to all I meet on the highways. They proclaim “LOVE LIFE” on one side.

2/7/14. (CONTINUED) Though I walked in the cold and rain today, I fully enjoyed it, knowing that the wonderful people here in the Joaquin Valley so sorely need this precious rain for their livelihood in this predominantly Agriculture area. They deserve this! And, even in the cold and rain, the gauntlet of kindness continued. The closest I ever came to being met with such enthusiasm was in the Bay Area of California on my last walk. That wonderful welcome though, was orchestrated, very skillfully and with a lot of love by my dear friend Ray Karno and his wife Hillary. The response from the residents of Kerman, Mendota, Firebaugh, and Dos Palos, California, has all been spontaneous. At least 20 cars stopped today in the rain. One lady this morning saw me and went straight home to make me six sausage and egg burritos. Near lunch time, a lady brought me two hot dogs, chips, and a banana. At least seven people offered me a ride out of the rain. And nearly all that stopped gave me a little money. Two really elderly ladies stopped and offered me an umbrella. Bottom line, in my seven crossings of America, I’ve never experienced such enthusiasm for what I’m doing and such generosity. I hope it rains and rains for these loving people of this part of California. I’ll just LOVE LIFE with all my heart and walk in the rain. Hmm, maybe I’ll even dance a little.