February 4, 2014

2/4/14. I didn’t make it out of Mendota this morning as planned because of a stomach problem which is now gone. Something I ate yesterday did not agree with me. My friend Joey Amadore drove me to get some Pepto! Now I am fine and rearing to go!

Y’all that have followed my endeavors for a while now, have surely noticed that all my needs seem to be met, someway, somehow. You have to have noticed that really good things happen to me. This has been the case for nearly fourteen years of walking across our beautiful and wonderful country seven times accumulating well over 34,000 miles. That’s simply because I have a positive attitude most of the moments I’m breathing, in the form of a LOVE LIFE attitude. I’m certainly not perfect at it, but I am getting much better at it because of being consistent at it no matter what difficulty may be presented before me daily. I highly recommend a LOVE LIFE attitude to all who wish to truly have a genuine deep love and respect for all our fellow human beings.