February 2, 2014

2/2/14. It was very difficult to leave Kerman, California Thursday. So many people were stopping to greet me, give me food, give me money, and have their pictures taken with me, that it took me nearly six hours to cover less than two miles! Tony Marchini and another great guy, Chris, kept coming by and checking on me. I finally gave up trying to make any miles and tented in the yard of a friend of Chris. The friend and his neighbor kept checking on me asking if I needed anything.

Friday morning, a young man, Rosendo, told me he was on his way to a business meeting in Mendota and would ask Joey Amadores, owner of the Los Amadores Motel if he would give me a room there. As it turned out, Tony Marchini, manager of JS Chevrolet in Tranquility, California, had already asked him as well. Joey Amadores called me telling me he would be honored to provide with a room! During the 17 mile walk into Rosendo, I was stopped many times for pictures and greetings. Two Mexican men stopped and expressed to me how very much they appreciated my endeavors. One handed me a folded up bill which I put straight into my pocket. Moments later when I stopped to place the bill in my wallet, I saw Ben Franklin’s face! And I’m fairly certain Ben winked at me. Mike stopped his truck and gave me two big and delicious chicken sandwiches. Bill Percy walked the very long lane from his home to invite me in for a meal. I declined as I was anxious to get to my motel room.

About a mile out of town, Joey and Patricia Amadores were waiting for me and put their car’s emergency flashers on and escorted me into Rosendo! It is a very good thing Joey and Patricia are patient people because I was stopped repeatedly for pictures, and to be given food and cash. Midway during running the gauntlet of kindness, Patricia had to take the huge amount of food and put it in their car. Yes, I cry a lot out here. The Amadores took me to dinner at The Farmer’s Daughter, in Redbaugh. Awesome food.

Yesterday, my long time Facebook friend, Cam, drove out from the Bay Area to meet me for the first time. She brought me lots of food and some money. We had lunch and an IPA back in Kerman at Reno’s Bar & Grill. We talked a lot and laughed a lot! Cam had just lost her sister, her only sibling, to suicide shortly before she saw me on a local TV broadcast from San Francisco. She contacted me and we’ve been friends since. Cam is a truly beautiful individual. LOVE LIFE with all your precious heart and Life will love you and show you how very special you are and just how very pleasing it is to have you onboard! Smile all the time!