January 30, 2014

1/30/14. Will be leaving my motel room in Kerman, CA this morning headed down CA route 180 west back to CA 33 to head north again. Tuesday morning, Abdul greeted me with coffee and two fried chicken leg quarters for the road. Minutes later, Rusty, husband of Nancy Gragnani who I met Sunday, pulled up and handed me a bag of oranges from his grove. He had driven about 20 miles looking for me. He left me his card, “Don Gragnani Farms” and said to call if I needed anything. Later in the day, a lens fell out of my glasses and I could not find it on the road. I had an extra pair that needed a lens secured back into place and there was no way I could see that little screw to repair them. I can barely see without my glasses. I called Rusty for help and he drove over and repaired them for me. As it was so late, Rusty suggested I tent across the street at his friend’s ranch. I pitched my tent in Garland’s yard, he is employed by the ranch. He kept checking on me and he gave me an ice cold beer to help make my tent prettier.

Rusty & Nancy came out later and brought friends to meet me, Tony Marchini, Patricia, Christiana, Connie, and Andrianna Amach. Christianna interviewed me for her school paper. Nancy brought me two Big Mac’s and a huge bag of trail mix. A gentleman from another home on the property, Robert Pimental, came over to investigate the noise we were making. Rusty explained what was going on and he left. He returned minutes later though, with bananas, apples, soda pop, and two fat tuna sandwiches! Garland brought me coffee in the morning. Robert’s wife, Shelly, had me over for another cup at her place. We talked a long time. She has had much tragedy in her life.

Last night, Nancy treated me to dinner at Reno’s Bar & Grill (awesome food!) and several of her friends were there wanting to meet me. I believe that everyone in the bar came up to meet me. They had all seen my interview on the local Fresno ABC Channel 30 news. At one point, a waitress told me there were two youngsters outside with their parents who wanted to meet me. I’m guessing both, a young lady and young gentleman, were about 12. They wanted their pictures taken with me. I loved it. Before I left, a waitress handed me $120 dollars which had been collected at the bar for me. While we were standing there, a man walked up and handed me a $100 dollar bill! I LOVE LIFE.