January 26, 2014

1/26/14. In a truck stop charging up all my stuff and celebrating being clean. $8 bucks for a shower, a bargain indeed! My clothes are now sparkling clean and my belly is full. I slept great in my luxurious tent last night and am well rested. I’m loving Life and thankful that all my needs are met. I introduced myself to the two very pretty young Mexican ladies managing the truck stop, explaining to them about my cart outside and what I was doing. I wanted them to know I was not loitering and was indeed using and paying for services provided. They had both seen me walking yesterday and commenced to asking me several questions after telling them my story. One young lady asked, “Are you really happy?” I assured her I was indeed very happy and loved life.” She said, “I’m not happy and I should be at least as happy as you are.” She shared some problems she was having and we spoke on them some.

I left the young ladies with this story: “I met a man on the beach and shared my story, telling of the loss of my two beautiful babies. He commenced to telling me about his 33 year-old son being a drug addict and how he had spent thousands putting him in rehab over and over again. He said he was at his wits end as to what to do. So, I asked him, “You want to trade places with me?” No way! Absolutely not!” he said. After a moment he said, “Thank you sir.”

Both young ladies shook their heads in understanding and agreement. The one said, “Thank you sir.” LOVE LIFE, it is well deserving of our Love.