January 16, 2014

1/16/14. Leaving my cozy warm motel room sometime this morning and heading toward Stockton, CA. After about 50 miles of little side roads necessary to avoid I-5 which is illegal to pedestrians, I’ll get on CA route 33 heading north.

On a Saturday, nearly two weeks ago, a young man named Devon, 22 years old, stopped and offered me a ride. After saying no thank you he said, “So what’s your story man?” After telling of my son’s suicide his eyes welled up with tears and he said, “I tried to do that just recently, because my heart was broken.” I went right in on him about how we do not have the right to take our own life because it does not belong to us alone, it also belongs to those who love us. And about how it is usually the very sensitive individuals who do so, the very ones society so sorely needs. And that they get in so much pain they become blinded and cannot see that they are being self-centered, looking only at their own pain and not the horrible pain they’re about to inflict on their loved ones. After I finished my lecture to him he said, “Thank you. I appreciate your heartfelt concern and I can’t hear too many times why I shouldn’t do it. But let me tell you why I didn’t do it.” He told me he was sitting at his desk with a full bottle of prescription sleeping pills in front of him and that his intentions were to swallow all the contents and go to sleep to never wake up. Devon said that just as he was getting ready to take the pills, he saw a very real vision in his mind. He said he saw himself falling from a cliff. He said he kept waiting for this very vivid picture in his mind to stop he said, but instead, he just kept falling! Then, he told me, he all of a sudden yelled out to himself, “Wait a minute here! If I’m falling for so long, I must’ve been at pretty damn high place to fall from!” He said he then realized he had everything to live for and was not about to let an emotional upset allow him to forget who he was or his aspirations in life. He then looked at me and said, “Yes, I love life!” Heed the words of Devon, “LOVE LIFE!”