January 14, 2014

1/14/14. I’m still in my Gorman, California motel room resting for at least one more day.

Love is not only a powerful energy contained within each our hearts, it is a needed energy for the human species. I remember in my Psych 101 text book, a story of how the high infant mortality rate in Korean orphanages after the Korean War was greatly reduced when the number of infants assigned to a single nurse was restricted to no more than three, thus giving each infant much more affection and attention. We need love! It is obvious to me, the more love each of us can generate toward our fellow human being, the better off our world will be. When we keep our mind totally on just ourselves and our own problems, we simply are not allowing our love to spread to others. We are not spreading the energy that both we and our precious fellow human beings need for survival. Love is a positive, worry and fretting is a negative. The two simply cannot mix. There is no doubt in my mind, because of the number of people I’ve encountered who forget about themselves and help others, that they have a much healthier outlook on life, an inner joy if you will, than those who stay centered on themselves. That’s the beauty of the energy of pure love, once released, it flows both ways. Let’s LOVE LIFE with all our hearts instead of succumbing to the useless negativity of worrying and fretting, thus allowing our powerful love energy to help change our individual part of the world. Personally, my goal in life is to have a heart governed mind. Let’s each make sure precious young people near us are seeing and feeling love coming from us. LOVE LIFE.