January 5, 2014

1/5/14. In my tent on CA 138 west about 5 miles west of I-15. And it’s cold. I LOVE LIFE!

We should all concentrate on appreciating our gift of life and put that appreciation in front of our eyes like the carrot dangling in front of the carriage horse. So that we will not look at anything else but our beautiful gift of breathing and just run right past all the negative distractions. When we have a LOVE LIFE attitude it affects others. And, how many times have you heard me say, “Our precious young people need to see us being positive and doing positive things!” I got this message from a young lady, Danielle Pressnal, a couple days ago:

“Hey! My name is Danielle and I’m 17 from Idaho. I just wanted to say thank you. I was in such a bad place when I heard about you and read your stories. I had kind of lost faith in people but you changed that. Reading your stories made me realize that life and people are great and we get to live in such a beautiful world. You’ve helped me more than you know and you inspire me. Thank you ~LOVE LIFE~”