January 2, 2014

1/2/14. Slept pretty good last night considering all the dogs barking constantly. Every home has a dog I think. Now sitting in Starbucks having fun watching out the window as customers walk by my cart and then enter trying to appear nonchalant giving a quick glance around to match the person to the cart. I’m thinking I’m blending in rather well with my new $175.00 North Face fleece jacket, $85.00 Columbia shirt, $75.00 Columbia convertible pants, and the handsome $320.00 boots given me by Danner. Everything I’m wearing is a gift from friends. Thank you friends

Here, as everywhere I walk, I have a problem approaching people to get directions. They think I’m homeless and am wanting money. They put up their windows or just ignore me. So, I’ve had to eleminate the common courtesy of, “Excuse me please…” and just blurt out real fast my question. We do not have to give them money if we do not want to. We can kindly say no. But for God’s sake, let us please treat our fellow human being with dignity! LOVE LIFE.