December 30

12/30/13. I’m leaving my room in Hemet, California soon and heading north through this beautiful state.

“The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up” ~ Einstein.

When we give a gift to one we care about, we get a great feeling within when we see their appreciation. We are giving a gift when we do our very best to maintain a constant appreciation for our gift of life. We cannot truly appreciate life without it creating a joy within us. This joy is felt by others and sometimes, even to the point they want to be near us and even emulate us. And yes, life is a gift! A gift from God some believe. I say, life is a gift to all no matter their beliefs, that life is a gift simply because of the sheer wonderfulness of being alive! And to LOVE LIFE is but showing appreciation for our most wonderful gift. To truly LOVE LIFE no matter what befalls us, to jump back up when knocked down, is to exhibit faith. Faith in your gift of life comes from having stayed positive in past storms and the realization you weathered it, and knowing you can do so again. If one can develop a LOVE LIFE attitude toward their existence here on earth, which is a gift to our fellow human being, because, they will feel it! I have proved it in my own life. Remember, we can never influence another’s outlook on life without first changing our own outlook toward life. LOVE LIFE and spread the love. A very Happy LOVE LIFE New Year and MUCH love to all!