December 3

12/3/13. God I love high Tech! I’m in my tent just past Brawley, California sipping on a beer, eating Frito’s and typing out a message to 7,137 wonderful individuals on my Facebook! That they will see in a second after I’ve posted it! From a tent! That still blows my mind.

I sure want to thank all of you who have purchased LOVE LIFE shirts cause you helped save my butt this morning. I arrived in Brawley knowing it to be the last descent supply stop I would have for 90 miles. I had one little problem though, I had 15 cents to my name. That won’t buy even one can of Vienna sausages . Sooo, I called my friends at the LOVE LIFE Support Group in my home of Vero Beach, Florida and they deposited the $90.00 from shirt sales last month directly into my account. I went promptly and got something to eat and then to Wal-Mart to buy supplies. All the profits from the shirts go to support my walk. They’re really cool looking. They say LOVE LIFE on them, how could they not be cool! If you ever buy one, thanks for saving my butt in the future!!!!

I’ve got to tell y’all, watching the show at Glamis Sand Dunes was one of the greatest thrills ever. And it’s a family affair too. I saw parents strapping the harness’s and adjusting the helmets on their little ones in the back seats of sand buggies. Don’t worry, mom was strapped in next to dad so she could give him a whack on the helmet to remind him there were babies on board and not to exceed 100. Actually, those things are safer than a Volvo Wagon. They’re built to roll. And young ladies in their teens on altered ATV’s flying over the dunes catching serious air! I loved it! LOVE LIFE my friends and thank you for letting me rattle on so. It musta’ been the beer. I really do love my Facebook friends!