November 30

11/30/13. Can’t believe I have connection out here. I did 20 miles today and I’m in my tent 10 miles from Glamis sand dunes. Supposed to be over 200,000 visiting them this weekend. Nearly every vehicle that passes me is an RV pulling a dune buggy. A couple stopped Friday morning and gave me a gallon of water and a bunch of their Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, delicious ham. About 3 miles back I passed through a U.S. Customs checkpoint and a Border Patrol Officer gave me some fresh water and some packets of beef stew. I’m fixing to eat one of those. LOVE LIFE my friends and show others you care enough about them to make sure you are always in a beautiful mood so as to help assure they too will be in a good mood. What a great gift to others, a positive attitude.