November 27

11/27/13. My morning: Walked 2 blocks in the cold morning air for coffee at the Shell station where the Kenny Logins theme song for Caddyshack, “I’m Alright,” was blaring out “I’m alright. Nobody worry ’bout me. Why you got to gimme a fight? Can’t you just let it be? I’m alright…” I looked into the open doors at the two young Mexican ladies behind the counter with a huge smile while snapping my fingers, and said, “Well that will certainly start one’s morning on an upbeat! They both just stared at me without comment. “Here, let me give you my card,” I said, “no politics, nothing religious, just about my walk. I’ve now walked nearly 34,000 miles and crossed the USA seven times!” They took the cards but remained stone faced. I got my coffee and went to pay the stoic clerks. “I walk with “LOVE LIFE” over my head because I lost my handsome son to suicide and my beautiful daughter to an accidental drug overdose… she just never got over her little brothers suicide.” Now, they’re listening. Then I said, “If I can love life, just about anyone can. And I do love it with all my heart!” They were both nodding in agreement and both wished me the best with broad smiles. One had moist eyes. Stepped outside and the a Native man was unloading the stores Pepsi delivery. “How are you this fine morning?” I said. “Cold,” he said with a smile. “I’m from Florida, you know I’m cold,” I countered. I gave him my card and told him why I walked and said, “I run into people fairly often whose tragedies ,make mine pale. So, I really don’t want to hear about ones three flat tires in “Life is about using perspective. About looking at the good things and not the bad as does the nightly news.” He agreed wholeheartedly and said real loud as I was walking back toward my motel, “Thank you sir!” LOVE LIFE and spread it my friends, we’re going to change the world!