November 26

11/26/13. I’m in Blythe, California in a motel after walking 51 miles of nothing through the Colorado River Indian Reservation on the Arizona side. Yesterday morning a pickup with an ATV in the bed and pulling a pop-up camper stopped and the young man driving said he had just come down out of the mountains after a few days. I asked if he had had a good time. With a huge smile, he said, “It was too much fun!” He gave me a cold Coke and then said he had something left over he would love to give me. He reached in his cooler and pulled out a huge sirloin! It was in a Ziploc bag marinating in teriyaki and some other stuff he said. So, last night I found the most remote place I could find so my fire wouldn’t be seen from the road and waited til dark before I started so the smoke wouldn’t be seen. The fire conditions are extreme on most of the reservation. I had even seen signs in a couple areas stating, “No Open Fires.” I gathered up some mesquite, lit my fire and stuck my big fat sirloin on a sharp stick and held it right in the fire. The rarer the better with me so it took little time to cook. I quickly smothered the fire with sand and poured water on it as well. That was the first steak I’d had since I left Florida and I’m here to tell y’all that thing was absolutely awesome! God, it tasted so good. That steak was probably my Thanksgiving meal because when I leave here in the morning I will have about 90 miles of desolate country in front of me before I get to Brawley, CA. So, I’m thinking maybe Vienna sausages instead of turkey on Thursday . Be VERY thankful for your turkey and your family and friends you will enjoy it with. Now THAT is something to LOVE LIFE for!!!! I will probably not be able to update for a few days. Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving y’all and thank you so very much for following my walk. I love y’all!