November 22

11/22/13. I was in Mrs. Miracle’s English class and 17 years-old 50 years ago when our principle’s voice came over the loudspeaker informing us that President Kennedy had been shot. Mrs. Miracle asked us to write down our thoughts. I can’t remember what I wrote, only that it was one of our teacher’s favorites. Certainly not a common occurrence, as I hated English. I didn’t cry openly as some of my female classmates did, but it affected me profoundly. It’s raining in the desert this morning and I’m considering staying in my room another day.

Also in my thoughts this morning: Recently, a Buffalo, NY, bus driver stopped his bus when he saw a lady standing on the wrong side of the railing on a bridge over a busy expressway and prevented her from jumping while others just walked by. I was asked, “What about all those that walked by, how they could do that?” I never look at the ones walking by. I can change no one but myself so I waste no energy with something I cannot change. I instead, use that energy in a positive way by appreciating that wonderful bus driver and knowing that there are many like you, me, and that bus driver, who refuse to walk by. When something as special as that bus driver’s actions occur, why would I take away from the beauty of it by looking at those who walked by… they simply have not earned the importance of our time. I’m giving all my time in admiration and praise of the individual who did not walk by. LOVE LIFE and give your attention only to the positive wasting no energy toward the negative.