November 19

11/19/13. In the Burger King at Parker, Arizona.

Last Saturday afternoon, sitting at a picnic table in the little spot called Hope, Arizona, (RV Park and a Shell station) I was approached by a beautiful young woman, Silver Gardner who began excitedly telling me she and her boyfriend had looked me up on-line after seeing me walk through the Wilhoit, AZ area. She sat right down with me going on about how great she thought what I was doing was. The she told me that she had made the decision to take her own life not too long ago. She said she was stuck in a factory job in Portland, Oregon making little money and some other things going on that made her think she would be in spot she was in for the rest of her life. Silver looked at me and said, “Steve, I was getting ready to do it and I suddenly thought of what it would do to my father.” And with a most precious look on her pretty face, she continued, “and my dog, I thought about how my dog totally depends on me.” I couldn’t help it, I reached out and grabbed her precious little hand in both my hands and said, “Thank God you did not do it! Thank God you chose life! How wonderful that you thought of someone else other than yourself and you are still alive!” She said, “And in retrospect, I can now see, I didn’t try anything, I didn’t even try to get out of my mess, I just gave up. I didn’t see all the options I now see.” She said she had inherited some land in Wilhoit and she and boyfriend were going to build an earth-ship type house on it. Then she laughingly told me, “There was no way I could do the things I wanted to do on less than $500 a week so I now dance in a Portland, Oregon club where I can make $500 bucks a night! And I really enjoy it.” I said, “Makes sense to me.” I don’t give a damn what she does, she’s alive! I asked 22 year-old Silver if I could tell her story, and she said for me to absolutely tell it because it may help someone else and show them not to give up so quickly, that there is always an answer. She gave me a most wonderful hug and explained that she was heading to Portland and that her boyfriend stayed in Wilhoit taking care of their animals. I just loved her! And she definitely has her head on straight now. Somewhere in Portland, Oregon in a topless club there is an angel dancing and celebrating being alive! LOVE LIFE my friends and hang in there with it, it is definitely worth sticking it out.