November 4

11/4/13. I am fairly certain I will be getting back on the road tomorrow heading for Cottonwood, Arizona, 19 miles away. I simply cannot believe how much better I feel, yesterday was not fun. The manager of the Sugar Loaf Lodge where I’m staying in Sedona, Jerry, has been great. I want to thank Susanna Sophia Hart and James Lackey for getting my motel room for me. And a big thank you to all my Facebook friends for all your positive comments, positive thoughts, and your prayers. I will take it very easy tomorrow and probably will not make it all the way to Cottonwood tomorrow.

I LOVE LIFE with all my heart and I have watched my LOVE LIFE attitude affect numerous others in a very positive way. Please try with all your hearts to maintain a positive LOVE LIFE attitude so that each of you can affect numerous others in a positive way.