November 3

11/3/13. I’m still in beautiful Sedona and I will be here tomorrow as well. Because, I am one sick puppy, I have a cold. I’ve had it a few days and was hoping I could beat it with over the counter medication and thought I could walk away (pun intended) from it. No way, I have to stop and rest. A Facebook friend paid for today and tomorrow and I’m hoping the rest will do the trick. This is my second cold since I started my walk seven months ago. I contracted one early into Alabama not far from the Florida line. An occupational hazard I guess. Just wanted y’all to know why there would not be any stories being posted the next couple days. Thank you very much for your concern. And God bless the fine gentleman from Liberal, Kansas who got my room for me. He saw me walking through Dodge City and became interested in my walk. LOVE LIFE my friends.