November 2

11/2/13. Did 16 miles yesterday. I’m 4 miles from Sedona in the Oak Creek Market having some serious good gourmet coffee! Thursday night it got serious cold at nearly 7,000 feet. I believe it was at least 18 degrees, or lower. Water bottle in my tent iced up. Glad I’m down to 4500 feet now and headed for warmer weather. Last night I had to tent in the Manzanita Campground, there just was no other place to camp. The fee was $18.00 and the managers, Daisy & Brian, said they would pay my fee! While Daisy and I were talking, a lady who had seen me walk in came up and said she would gladly share her site with me. I thanked her and chose my own spot. It was so nice being able to build a fire! I usually have to keep too low a profile to build a fire. It is so very beautiful out here on the way to Sedona. Unfortunately, my Smart Phone has decided to start taking even lousier pictures than it was. Sorry, I would love to share the beauty with y’all. Suffice it to say, if you’ve never seen Sedona, you should put it on your bucket list. I can though, say that of many, many places I’ve walked through.

The highlight of my walk through Oak Creek Canyon, was having 24 year-old Annie Keithline run up to me all excited telling me she used my story and advice to orchestrate her own walk of America. That I’ve inspired her. She said she has always had to prove things for herself and just got tired of seeing people living in fear, afraid of each other. Annie said she set out to see if all the fear is really justified, she says with an absolute conviction that it is not justified. She has now walked over 4000 miles! A man at a little place way out in the boonies early into New Mexico told me about Annie, she had come to his store pushing all her belongings on a jogging stroller. It was an absolute pleasure to meet this little dynamo of LOVE LIFE energy! She said she has met nothing but wonderful people and never been harmed or threatened during her walk of the South or of the West. She is doing America in sections. She is now doing the West and has decided not to continue through Flagstaff because of the weather. She instead, is having her boyfriend, Samuel Perkins, drop her off in Phoenix before he heads back to Lafayette, LA, where the two met, and she will walk from there to Los Angelos. Sam came out to see Annie on his vacation. On their way to Las Vegas, they stopped again and Annie handed me this glass of some kind of green natural vegetable concoction and insisted I drink it, she insisted it was good for me. Like everything else good for me, it looked like snot and tasted terrible. She was so sweet and wonderful, I drank every drop! What a woman! Annie Keithline is a shining example of a LOVE LIFE attitude and letting go of fears. She has discontinued her blog, but is on Facebook. LOVE LIFE like me and Annie and Sam do!!!!