October 31

10/31/13. Halloween and I’m preparing to walk south this morning toward Sedona where it is usually about 10 degrees warmer than Flagstaff. Last night I had dinner at a nice little restaurant courtesy of my friends, Joey Bean, and his wife, Cheryl Therese. I met them out on the road in their home state of Pennsylvania on my last walk across the US on my way to Maine. They now live in Flagstaff. Is that not way cool! We had an awesome time with lots of laughter. If I just keep walking I will keep meeting more of the most wonderful people in the world.

LOVE your LIFE with all your might no matter what situation is facing you today. Press on and be thankful that you are still breathing in the most precious gift you will ever receive. Press on with a positive attitude, if for no other reason, the common sense knowledge that a negative attitude never has and never will accomplish anything and is a total waste of time. Knowing this is maturity and a sign of wisdom. Be wise, LOVE LIFE.