October 30

10/30/13. Stayed in Flagstaff one more day because of weather. I must be getting old and soft. I’ve walked right through snow storms in the Cascades of Washington, a sleet storm near Devils Lake, North Dakota that took me over two hours to go just over a mile!, a lightning storm in Florida’s Panhandle with tornadoes touching down, a wind storm in Northern Montana that actually picked me up in the air and had running unintentionally on my tiptoes attempting to pack up my tent! That’s when I learned to never ever grab my tent again by its four corners. Because, my tent and parachutes both are made from the same thing, rip-stop nylon! And a fierce ice storm near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kind of scary when you are just sauntering along in a drizzling rain and you look down and you are solid ice! I was turned down by an elderly couple to use one of their out buildings for the night. It was a very rural area and they were not accustomed to people coming to their door dressed as an icicle. Bless their hearts. About a mile down the road I opted to at least find shelter from the storm at a church building with a carport at the entrance. I made my bed out of the wind and freezing rain as best I could and just for the heck of it, I tried the back door and it was unlocked! And the heat was on! I could not find a phone book or anything with the churches phone number so as to call and let them know I was there, so I just left a note for the minister thanking them for leaving their building unlocked, and that they may have very well saved my life. I also left a couple dollars for a can of ripe olives I borrowed and I left my card. I never heard from them. If that couple had let me stay in their shed, I would not have ended up in a toasty warm building for the night.

I am still in awe of Christina Kuhr Lagan, who drove over two hours from Phoenix last night to bring me a charger for my phone and it works like a champ Chris. Thank you! It was good to take the day off today though. I was able to wash all my clothes by hand and now they are all dry. I was also able to patch a leak in my sleeping mat so I now won’t have to blow it up again a couple times a night. I am so very thankful for everything in my life. My gift of life is the best! I am surrounded by and blessed with the most wonderful individuals in this beautiful and wonderful country in this beautiful and wonderful world. I have NO complaints. I really am in love with the act of breathing. I LOVE LIFE and I love you my friends.