October 29

10/29/13. I’m in Flagstaff, Arizona and man was it a battle to get here! The wind started yesterday afternoon and was so bad I had to take my sign off. The sign was like a sail that kept taking me a step back for every step forward! The folks at Hanks Trading post let me hide out there for a little while. I found a big bushy tree to pitch my tent in front of to block me form the wind, somewhat. Put my sign back on this morning and that lasted about an hour before I had to take it off again. That was the first time I’ve had to walk such a distance without my sign. It felt terrible, I hope I never have to do that again. It felt like I was walking without a purpose. One lady handed me a can of pop as she slowed down beside me and a guy gave me an ice cold Arizona Green tea. That was it, the weather was lousy and no one was stopping. Flagstaff, Arizona greeted me with snow as soon as I came into town. It has now turned to sleet. I’m in a motel room and delighted not be doing the 17 degrees forecast for tonight, in my tent A Facebook friend, Christina Kuhr Lagan, who has been following me for a while is driving all the way from Phoenix to bring me an auxiliary battery charger for my phone. Do I have the coolest friends or what! I’m hoping I can get closer to Sedona and a little warmer weather at least by Thursday morning. I am now on US route 89-A and still heading south. LOVE LIFE my friends and be happy at all times, like me .