October 27


A Navajo lady gave me a bag with McNuggets, a candy bar, and a Coke. A couple stopped and gave me twenty bucks. Another Navajo man brought me a sandwich and water. My friend David Bateman met up with me near Cameron, AZ last night. We stayed at the Cameron Trading Post. The room was great as was our meal and both were certainly reasonably priced. It was great spending time with my friend. We laughed a lot! We toasted our good time with a nice Bourbon my friend brought me. I will continue on today toward Flagstaff with a LOVE LIFE attitude appreciating my most wonderful gift of life filled with the greatest friends ever and the most exciting adventure of meeting new and interesting individuals every day! I know that facing every day with a LOVE LIFE attitude is not always easy. I also know though, that the effort is always worth it. Please, LOVE LIFE today my friends and do not forget to do so tomorrow as well. I love y’all!!!!