October 26

10/26/13. I will be leaving Tuba City this morning on US route 160 headed west and connect with US route 89 south toward Flagstaff, Arizona 75 miles away. 24 miles away there is the small town of Cameron and10 miles from there will be Gray Mountain. Both little spots in the road have places to purchase food. After Gray Mountain it is 43 miles with no services of any type until Flagstaff. I have a friend, David, who may try and find me tomorrow out on the road on his way to California from Taos, New Mexico. I have no idea how good my Verizon connection will be or how often I will be able to charge my phone. Sometimes, my phone has service but my Broadband will not have a signal strong enough to go online with my laptop. Whether I update with my phone depends on how low my battery is. I try to keep some battery time on my phone for emergency. So, it could be a few days before I update again. Please know that whenever able, I update daily. I enjoy it very much, it’s like phoning home for me  and I like to let y’all know I am safe.

A practiced LOVE LIFE attitude automatically changes our life. Of course, we must accompany that attitude with the complete ending of all negative complaining, blaming, and the total uselessness of whining. Be happy and greet Life with a smile every morning making sure your first contact with fellow human beings, you are presenting a positive influence that they may be infected with your smile. This is our first act of kindness and giving for the day. So, LOVE LIFE my friends.