October 25

10/25/13. Last Monday as I was leaving Kayenta, a young Navajo man ran alongside me, handed me a huge breakfast burrito and said that it was compliments of the Blue Kettle Restaurant. A few minutes later, a couple stopped and gave me PowerAde and a big banana muffin. I only did 10 miles Monday and stopped at the Canyon Café and Anasazi Inn at Tseg. While eating in the café, a very well dressed and distinguished looking Navajo gentleman with a long gray braid, approached me and asked was that my rig outside. I acknowledged yes and he said, “So you are “Love Walker?” I love our first people! That made me feel so good! About 5:00 AM the next morning, in the same café, the young Navajo waiter told me his full Navajo name and his clan. We spoke of changes he and his people have had to make and he said, “Evolving is painful.” After paying my bill and was turning toward the door, he said something to me in Navajo and then translated it, “Be well grandfather.” The sincerity in his young handsome face is what made it such a wonderful compliment. You want to see pure childlike curiosity and hear some basic wisdom of life, hang around some of our Native Peoples. Yesterday, as I was approaching Tuba City, a Hopi lady walked up to me and handed me a banana, an apple, and an orange and said, “Here this will give you the energy you need for your walk,” then abruptly turned and walked back to her car.

I’m taking the day off and loving life! Always look for ways to bless others. This gets our mind away from ourselves thus building a path that blessings may reach you as well. LOVE LIFE my friends, it only gets better. ALL endeavors of love make things better… at both ends of the path.

10/25/13 in Tuba City, Arizona near where the Navajo and Hopi Nations join at Red Lake. It is pouring rain outside, it is beautiful with a delightful smell, here in the high desert country, a land of our First People. I am staying at the Dine’ Inn. The Navajo call themselves Dine’ and it means, “The People.” The Navajo Nation is approximately the size of West Virginia. What a most marvelous setting for rest and thoughts:

I once watched Life pass me by because I didn’t know I had to become the other me, the higher one, the one that listens not to society’s noisy herd mentality full of negative diversions, but instead, listens to my own heart. Now, instead of my mind being governed by a broken society, I am learning to have a heart governed mind. Remember, in our hearts dwells our pure love, and there is no power greater than pure love. Love will mend a broken heart. A broken heart mended changes the world, for it puts that important piece back on track and back in balance with the center of the universe, which is Love. Love is the great healer. Life is no longer passing me by, it is now allowing me to help make a difference in the world, simply because I found the real me, the one created to love, and I now walk in love. I haven’t a ‘cause,’ I but have a suggestion. I suggest we all LOVE LIFE with all our hearts that we all might find our ‘higher self,’ which we all have, and leave the noise of society behind us, no longer following the herd of whiners, complainers, blamers, and all other things negative. Negatives accomplish nothing lasting, only the positivity of pure love can make changes that last. LOVE LIFE to find your real self, the higher one, the one of love, and then follow it. Walk in Love and do not allow Life to pass you by, let it allow you to help make a difference in the world.