October 20

10/20/13. I’m still in Kayenta, Arizona, part of the Navajo Nation. I’m still here and relaxing on a much needed extra day. I’m here because of kindness. The kindness of a fine gentleman from Illinois on my Facebook who called the motel last night and booked the extra night for me. I would not have been able to get a room in this price range in the first place had it not been for meeting another Facebook friend on the road a couple days earlier who gave me a $100.00. More kindness. I could not make it out here if it were not for kindness from my fellow human beings. I am shown kindness from strangers out on the road. I am shown kindness by strangers on my Facebook. I am shown kindness by my friends from back home. I am shown so much kindness by strangers and by personal friends, I just have to cry a lot. A friend in California bought me a new laptop. A couple in Vero Beach just offered me their RV to live in when I return home until I can find a place. I just want to thank EVERY single one of you who have helped me, not only financially, but also by your encouragement! What I do is hard, it is damn hard. I am not complaining, I choose to do what I am doing, walking the roads of this beautiful country and meeting the special individuals who inhabit it. I am merely pointing out that I need your kindness, it is your kindness that keeps me energized to continue reminding others to LOVE LIFE. Every time you click that LIKE button, or make that comment on my update, to me that is kindness, to take the time to say you care. Your kindness makes it not so hard. We all need kindness. Kahlil Gibran said it best ~ “Kindness is the shadow of God in man.” I LOVE LIFE because it contains beautiful people like y’all… I love you guys!!