October 19

10/19/13. I’m in a room in Kayenta, Arizona. I wanted to take a couple days off but the rooms are just too expensive. I’m hoping rooms are a little cheaper another 70 miles up the road in Tuba City.

Early in the morning as I was approaching the small convenience store in Beclabito, New Mexico for my coffee, a 10 year-old Navajo boy gave me a Styrofoam cup and said, “Here sir, some blue mushy for you.” I told the store clerk about it and she said it was a hot cereal made from fresh ground blue corn meal. She said the little guy sells it outside their store every morning while waiting for his school bus. Is that not cool! It certainly touched my heart and it was very good. Went up to Four Corners with the intention of stepping into Utah and Colorado and got there just as the Navajo manager of the Four Corners Monument, Louise, was closing the gate at its 6:00 pm closing time. She allowed me to spend the night locked up in the Four Corners Monument Park! It was so cool! I took all my pictures and then made my bed inside of a closed in vendor’s space, snug and out of the wind. Two guys working late on the new restrooms, gave me a cold pop and some snacks before they went home at dark. The next morning, a Navajo couple stopped and gave me a hot cup of coffee. The same couple gave me coffee again on my way to Red Mesa the next morning! Numerous people have stopped to give me water and food. I LOVE LIFE because there is so much to love about this most wonderful of gifts we have all received. The best part of it for me, the wonderful and precious human beings sharing it with me!! LOVE LIFE my friends.

I’ve got another 70 mile stretch before Tuba City, AZ and am not sure what kind of connections I’ll have so It may be a while before I can post again??