October 12

10/12/13. I’m in a motel in Farmington, New Mexico. I walked 15 miles yesterday and I enjoyed every step in the fine weather. I will be leaving this morning headed for Arizona 52 miles away. The Indian (India) lady operating the motel shared with me that she recently lost her mother, her father, and her little sister, but months apart. Bless her heart, the pain was clearly in her eyes.

Earlier in the day, a Navajo family stopped and gave me a sub sandwich and a bunch of little Kit Kat bars. A wonderful lady stopped expressing joy over seeing my “LOVE LIFE” sign and gave me a twenty. Later in the evening, a couple pulled up and asked to take my picture and they too gave me a twenty. That gave me enough money for my room but left little for supplies needed for the long stretch of nothing I would have after leaving Farmington. And Farmington had the only Wal-Mart for me to use instead of very expensive and limited convenience stores. As much as I disliked letting go of the cash I could use for supplies, I had to get the room because dark was approaching and it is not likely to find a tent spot in a city as large as Farmington. I knew it would all work out for me one way or the other though, it always does.

As I was leaving my room headed for the Wal-Mart right next door, my cell phone rang. It was a man who said he had met me and gave me some food as I was entering Eagle Nest, NM. I finally remembered who he was, John Lehner. We had talked a long time. John said he had not been able to stop thinking about my walk and that he wanted to help me in any way he could. He asked if he could get me a room for a couple nights. I told him I didn’t need but one night. With John still on the phone I walked back into the office and the kind lady let him book my room on his card and gave my cash back! Many motels today will not do that. She was very sweet and even apologized for not being able to give me the room at no charge. The world is filled with MOSTLY good people… we just have to take the time to meet them instead of categorizing them along with the minority of ones not so good shown us on the nightly news. I LOVE LIFE and I dearly love my fellow human being! Thank you for listening my dear sweet friends and I hope this little story inspires you to LOVE LIFE.