October 10

10/10/13. Sitting here in my motel room looking at the beautiful neck scarf made for me by an Apache woman I’ve never met. It was presented to me by her beautiful daughter. Truly, a gift from the heart. It touched her heart deeply after being told I had been cold while crossing her tribal lands. She had the ability to do something about it and she did. I’m thinking about giving right now, and how very important it is to give. Nothing is more important than love. Giving is the transportation means for love. When another’s distress touches your heart, perhaps you have the ability to do something about it. The giving of the scarf warmed my heart much more than the gift scarf will ever warm my neck. Touch the heart of another by the giving of your available abilities. This is how we spread love and how we change the world. And, when we touch the heart of another, our mind is then taken off our own little problems so that we then may concentrate on making ourselves LOVE LIFE no matter what.

Stayed in Bloomfield, New Mexico one more day. I get caught in rain storms fairly often. Just can’t be avoided when one walks everywhere and I just brace for it mentally when it happens, sing a little song, whistle some, and even sometimes dance. But, when I look out the window and it is storming really badly, I’m a sissy and am just not going to deliberately walk into it. It has stormed most of the day with high winds so I made a good choice. I will have to head out tomorrow for Farmington, NM, no matter the weather though. Here is a little story from my corner to corner walk I dedicated to my beautiful little girl, my “Shelly Walk” This occurred in 2007:


In Kingsbury, New York, as I was walking by an open garage, a repair shop I think, a guy about my age with a beer in his hand stepped out and yelled, “Who in the %#*^ hired you to carry that %#*^ing sign around?” I immediately crossed the road and entered the garage where five other men about my age were standing around drinking beer. Just before I entered I heard, “Damn he’s coming over here!” The original speaker had taken a seat in the back and I fixed my eyes on him to answer his question. I said, “No one hired me to carry this sign sir, I do it all on my own. I lost my little boy to suicide and my little girl to an accidental drug overdose. I carry this sign so maybe I can remind your children or grandchildren to never stop loving life long enough to do what my two did.” The guy in the chair gulped hard and was squirming in his seat. I continued, “We know for sure that several young people have not taken their life as a result of meeting me and this sign. One side of this sign represents my little girl and the other side represents my little boy. I will tolerate no disrespect.” A voice to my right said, “Nor should you!” I handed the gentleman next to me my card and said, “Gentlemen, I thank you so very much for listening, have a good day.” After I had stepped out of the garage, from behind me I heard, “Damn!”

A couple hours later a guy pulled up beside me and in a strong Hispanic accent said, “Hey muhn, I love you sign muhn. Dees is what is all about muhn!” I said, “Thank you so much my good man, I needed to hear that.” See how easy I am to get along with… LOVE LIFE!