October 3

10/3/13. I have now walked 3,000 miles since leaving Vero Beach, Florida on March 23rd. That gives me a total of 33,000 miles of walking the U.S. Yea! I have decided to stay in Chama until Saturday because my room is so very reasonable and I have a lot of things to do. I need to map out the rest of my route into the remaining states I’ll walk into and that is very time consuming. I can’t just hop on an interstate highway… not even allowed on them. I have to find secondary roads that do not turn into interstate and most important, go in the direction I need at the time.

Love of life is just the obvious first use of love to get our day started. Love will then spread out from there toward all in our path the rest of the day, that’s simply the power of love. I believe, when we try ever so hard to LOVE LIFE no matter what is in front of us, love then precedes us. The light of love cannot shine from us unless we first turn on the light switch. We must love our life with all our hearts so that we may stay filled with the joy of being alive and magnify the love and respect we have for our fellow human being. Our love of our gift of life is our gift to others. It shows those precious others who may be in dire straits and facing hard times in their life, that there is indeed hope. That it is possible to get past the storm they are facing. To LOVE LIFE with all your heart is to love your fellow human being with all your heart. Nothing is a more powerful healer than love. That precious one with the broken heart just may see that light of love coming from you.

I want to thank all of my wonderful Facebook friends for following my walk, even when I haven’t much to report. LOVE LIFE