October 2

10/2/13. I’m in a motel in Chama, New Mexico and I’m warm! Not sure how cold it got last night but I had to get out of my sleeping bags last night and put on my long johns and fleece jacket. Then I got toasty warm. The tent frame was frozen solid and I couldn’t get the lid off my water cooler until I banged and tugged at it some. THEN I look up at the beautiful mountains and the beautiful sun and realize I’m breathing one more beautiful day and I LOVE LIFE one more beautiful day!!

Walking across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge just outside Taos I met tow ladies who just had to know why I walked with LOVE LIFE over my head. After my story, they both gave me some money. One of the ladies with tear filled eyes, told me her mother had committed suicide many years before when the broken hearted lady was in her teens. She told of how it still haunted her, as we stood in the middle of a bridge where many have done what her mother and my little boy did. We spoke for a long time. She thanked me many times for spreading the LOVE LIFE message and for caring about the victims left behind after the suicide of a loved one. Later, at the end of the bridge, the same lady walking by me, saw that my shoe was untied and to my embarrassment she insisted on tying my shoe so I would not have to unstrap from my cart. As she was stooped down in front of me, she looked up at me and said, “If I could, I would wash your feet for what you’re doing.” I couldn’t help it, I started crying. An extremely humbling moment.

David, stopped his older Jeep Cherokee and offered his home three miles up the road for me to take a break. I loved his spirit immediately. Once at his really cool simple home on 17 acres with breathtaking mountain views, David offered me a night’s stay and a meal. David is an incredible person with a heart as big as any I’ve ever encountered. He has had much tragedy in his life and been hurt many times by others. He is 61 years old and has gained MUCH wisdom through his pain and has learned to convert self-pity to self-reliance. He has wisdom. He has much love for his fellow human being. We talked long with this fine man, an artist who once designed toys for Mattel. I learned much and enjoyed myself thoroughly. David loves life and I loved David’s attitude.

I may stay one more Day here in Chama, not sure yet. My next town is 22 miles away, Dulce, NM. I’ll let y’all know. Please, if you would, have in your heart for thoughts and prayers, a young lady I met out here who is trying to get her daughter out of a cult and for my new friend David. LOVE LIFE and you will become even more filled with love and respect for our fellow human being making your thoughts and prayers much more powerful.