September 29

9/29/13. Well, the sixth degree of separation is alive and well in my life
Yesterday about noon I was almost out of Taos when a car stopped and out stepped my good friend of thirty years, Roger Bell, from Vero Beach, Florida! He and his lady friend Filiz, decided to fly to NM for a few days and had just got a room in Taos. Neither follow me on Facebook and had no idea where I was. They insisted on taking me to dinner and getting me a room at their motel! I had a marvelous time. We stayed up late talking and loving life. So, I will be leaving Taos sometime this morning after breakfast with my friends. Oh, and as we were in the process of getting my cart into the trunk of their rental car for the ride back to Taos, I discovered the cart was broken in two places. I was able to fix it properly in my room this morning thus avoiding a breakdown in the middle of nowhere on my way to Tierra Amarilla 80 miles away. LOVE LIFE.

My good friend Roger Bell from My hometown of Vero Beach, Florida with his friend Filiz. They were visiting Taos for a day and Roger spotted me just as I was leaving town! They got ma a room and so I had another day in Taos. LOVE LIFE!