September 28

9/27/13. I just got back from being treated to dinner at Eske’s Brew Pub & Eatery in Taos, with Patrick and Karen Turnmier with Patrick’s two girls, Sara and Tegan, and Karen’s two boys, Slade and Dillon. It was a delightful place with even more delightful conversation and plain old goofin’ off! They had a good IPA beer and that made me happy. I will miss Karen and her family.

Last night, while walking back to my room in the dark, from eating dinner, I saw a guy taking down a portable sign. Obviously handmade. On the sign, “Robbed at Gunpoint – Call Amos” and then a phone number. I asked him what it meant. He said that locals would understand it, it was ridicule of the current mayor of Taos and his administration. He had a huge chain in his hands and showed me where it had been cut with bolt cutters. He said, “They’re cutting the chains and stealing my signs because I’m a pain in their asses and I won’t go away! My signs are legal and they’re stealin’ ‘em! So, I just take ‘em down at night now.” I was quite amused at the little guy’s enthusiasm. He gave me his card:

“JEFF NORTHRUP “The Most Hated Man in Taos,” his address, phone number, and Email address. Jack Wrap-it, Box Jockey Emeritus. Preacher (really), Ne’er Do-Well, Public Nuisance. Bon Vivant, Sore Loser, Busybody”

So I gave him my card and as soon as I told him I was from Vero Beach, Florida, he said, “No kidding! I’ve got a great friend down there running for city council!” He pulled out his phone, dialed, and said, “Hey Buzz, I got a guy in front of me here in Taos that’s from Vero Beach… here talk to ‘im,” hands me the phone and walks off hauling all his stuff to his car. It was Buzz Guffanti and though we did not know each other, we knew a lot of the same people. He remembered my business, Steve’s Car Grooming, being on U.S. Highway 1 at one time, he said. You just never know who you’ll meet and you never will unless you go meet them! That’s what I do, I go meet people.

I would wake up to a frozen tent any day, knowing what a most glorious day I would have the next just walking around beautiful Taos, New Mexico and loving life with all my heart! And giving the two who love me so very much, my two precious children, what they would want more than anything, my joy and peace within, walking my very own individual path in this wonderful life. Make sure you are indeed walking your own unique path and not following the dictates of society. This is the start of truly falling in love with the act of breathing. LOVE LIFE.