September 28

9/28/13. Stayed in Taos one more day and got a lot done. It has rained most of the day so I’m glad I wasn’t out there in it. I will leave in the morning headed for Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico which is 80 miles of nothing away. Nothing that is, except for the beauty of the San Juan Mountains. There is a little spot in the road, Tres Piedras about 30 miles away, but I don’t think there is anything there. There are going to be lots of climbs so it may take me from 4 to 5 days. So, I’ll have to load up on food tomorrow. I’m told there is some shoulder to walk on, unlike the last stretch I did from Eagle Nest to Taos. If the shoulder is wide enough, and there isn’t much traffic, I’ll be able to get on the road early in the mornings before daylight. I have a powerful headlamp and powerful blinking tail lights like the cyclist use that I fasten to my sign. The mountains will be beautiful, like the solitude. I am very blessed. So, y’all may not hear from me for a few days. LOVE LIFE with all your hearts and maybe someday you too may be blessed as me and get to walk an 80 mile stretch through the beautiful San Juan Mountains and get to do a lot of thinking. And of course, there’s also the chance some really cool people will stop to talk too!