September 26

9/26/13. It was really nice not having a frozen tent over me this morning. THAT will happen again many times before I’m done with this walk though… occupational hazard .

Tuesday, a really cool guy, Ed Brady, from Eagle Nest, stopped, freaking out over my beautiful “LOVE LIFE” sign. He said he was a self-improvement coach. That he helped people to have a more positive outlook on life. Ed said his spiritual name is All Faa Raa. He laughed constantly. While Ed and I were talking, Andrew J. Gonzales of Angel Fire, New Mexico stopped. They knew each other. After Ed left, Andrew told me he was the father of five boys and that he was out of work and going through hard times. He said he was a family man and that his family was everything. He told me he thought my sign to be beautiful and wrapped his arms around my neck and just started crying. So we just stood there on U.S. 64 hugging and patting each other on the back. EVERYONE needs love. He insisted on giving me $5.00 and I insisted that he should not. Andrew said, “If we stop giving then we have really given up. Life is about giving. You have given to me with your sign.” Later, he found me and tried to give me some small propane canisters for a cook stove and can goods. I explained that I did not cook out on the road and that the cans were too heavy.

Also in Angel Fire, two beautiful young ladies, Daniela McCash and Mai-Anh Pham, came running out of the Angel Fire Dentistry building very excited. They said they had seen me and went immediately on line and read about me. We were soon joined by the rest of the the staff, Stridel McCash, and Ashley Castillo. Daniela brought me fresh locally raised red raspberries. Vietnamese, Mai-Anh Pham’s eyes stayed filled with tears the entire time we spoke.

Around 6:30 pm, another very pretty lady, Karen Turnmire, stopped. Karen had heard about me from Angel Fire Dentistry and had gone online to check me out. She told me she had lost her preccious little boy, Luke, at but 2 weeks-old. Bless her heart, I reached out immediately and hugged her telling her how very sorry I was for her loss. She said that though the pain is still there, she allows her pain to make her a better person. And that she owes it to the memory of little Luke to maintain joy in her life. There were some tears as we talked, from both. Karen insisted that I allow her and her husband to purchase my motel room and to call her when I got into Taos. She offered to give me a ride into Taos because it was going to get very cold. Me, being very intelligent, said no and instead woke up in a frozen tent the next morning.

Yesterday, a pretty lady pulled up behind me and excitedly told me she had just seen me on Facebook. She said tomorrow would be the first anniversary of her precious husband’s death. He was 72 and in great pain from the cancer she said. She asked if she could help me spread my wonderful message and gave me $20.00.

Walking on U.S. 64 without any shoulders, twisting and winding through the mountains between Eagle Nest and Taos is not the easiest route I’ve ever taken. But, it is certainly one of the most beautiful! As I was at the edge of Taos, I saw a sign I just could not believe. “RoadNarrows,” you gotta’ be kidding!! And then, my taxi service arrived. He was cowboy Sam Gamble from Texas who has one of the greatest and loudest laughs I ever heard. He said he would gladly take me around to check out the numerous motels in Taos. We loaded up my cart, and I climbed into Sam’s truck with his five miniature pincher dogs and I called Karen Turnmier who met us at the Sun God Lodge with her two little boys. We all (including the 5 min-pens on a leash built for 5) went into the lobby to confirm my room. While Karen’s two little gentlemen played with the dogs, she negotiated my room. She asked me, “Now, did you want the room for one night or two?” I explained that I was going to get the room for a second night that I would pay for. Karen paid no attention to what I said and paid for both nights. Sam drove me over to my room and helped me unload my cart. Sam said to me, “I just like to help people” An understatement I assure you all. Now, can anyone give me a legitimate reason why I should not LOVE LIFE every minute of it? No, the frozen tent does not count.