September 19

9/19/13. In my motel room watching it rain. I have all my chores done. I washed all my filthy clothes in the bathtub and they are now dry. I dried out my tent, lubricated the ends of my tent frame poles so they’ll continue to snap together easily. First, I have to use emery cloth on each joint. I aired out my sleeping bags and I reinforced all the patch jobs on my cart. I also have to start taking a toothbrush to all the zippers in my tent to keep the sand from chewing them up here in the arid territories. It gets really bad in Arizona, Nevada, and Eastern California. I learned that trick from Bo Hilleberg, designer and founder of Hilleberg the Tent Company, after I told his daughter, Petra, at their Colorado offices, that their zippers sucked! He called me from Sweden, and, he sent me a new tent too! I also went to the post office today and I bought supplies and food for the 26 mile walk to Cimarron, New Mexico, tomorrow. I’m excited about LIFE!!

I have had an absolutely lovely day today. I am just overjoyed to be in this motel room and appreciating the most wonderful fact that I am alive! That I have learned that storm clouds ALWAYS pass and I have instituted that knowledge into my life as a guiding light to keep from staying wet and miserable after the storm. Something that always stuck with me from Psych 101 is that something like 95% of the stuff we worry about never actually occurs. So I figure, why bother?? When we do not worry so much we are much more likely to be aware of our fellow human beings needs and then get to enjoy one of the greatest gifts one can enjoy in this life, giving love to our fellow human beings. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than LOVE the healer. Let us all try to keep our eyes off ourselves and stay more aware of others, you may just have the honor and privilege of healing a broken heart while it is yet beating. LOVE LIFE my friends and NEVER give up.