September 18

9/18/13. Well, I finally knocked out the 84 miles between Clayton and Springer, New Mexico. Actually, it was 86 miles from my motel in Clayton. Sunday, I had to quit early with but 10 miles because a huge storm was coming in. I scooted into my tent just as the rain started pounding it. It rained hard all night. Monday I did 23 miles and a lot of hills. Tuesday I did 26 miles and stopped at the Gladstone Mercantile. It wasn’t much for resupplying but I had a great rib dinner there. I didn’t get to meet Thelma the owner, but I had great conversation with her daughter, Shelly. She gave me two bags of ice. The wind was fierce after I left the store and the climbs keep getting harder as I get closer to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, of course. About 7:15 I was searching for a tent site because it was getting dark, when two guys got out of their car with a big professional looking camera and asked could they film me and get my story. I told them to film away and ask all the questions they wanted but to not get in my way pitching my tent. They were from Canada. Today the wind was bad again. About 2:15, a hail storm with very strong winds pounded me for several minutes. The hail was dime sized. Thank goodness I added the little porch over my head back in Dodge City. I simply grabbed each side of it and pulled it down as far as I could to cover me. The hail stung like heck hitting my knuckles though. And as soon as the sun came out some, I dried right out and was good as new in no time! I did 27 miles today and I’m in a motel room in Springer where I’ll stay tomorrow as well to rest and get some business taken care of. Hopefully, LOVE LIFE my friends and laugh when you get caught in a hail storm! I’ll see y’all tomorrow for sure.