September 7

9/7/13. NOTE: I am entering and will be for some time, in very remote areas of Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, and so there is bound to be some nights I’ll be without a proper connection and will be unable to post my updates.

I did 14 miles today and I’m in a motel at Elkhart, Kansas, one mile from the Oklahoma state line. Just before I walked into Elkhart, an older Mexican couple stopped and gave me a Pizza Hut chicken sandwich, an ice cold water and smiles from both that filled me up more than the sandwich did. I’m getting my first taste of college football this year, I’m watching South Carolina and Georgia… I love SEC football. My gators lost today though. Here is a little story from my walk around America:

2003 in Yosemite, I was sitting on a curb taking a break, watching four rock climbers on a sheer rock face. One climber, a young lady, was obviously fairly new to big wall climbing, the three young men were yelling out instructions to her. She may have lacked experience but certainly not courage, not at that height. I was sitting there in awe and admiration of their courage and ability. They were yelling out instructions and I was straining to hear what they were saying to the novice. Then I saw that all were looking down in my direction, they were yelling across to each other, “Hey, it’s the Love Life guy!” Made my day! They stopped their car later to talk with me and laughed hard when I gave my definition of tenacity, “Having enough balls to start something and then being too stupid to quit when you realize you shouldn’t have started it in the first damn place.”

LOVE LIFE my friends, being happy all the time is the only way to live. Negative is not normal, a positive LOVE LIFE attitude is normal. Why ever waste time with negative thoughts?? Negative thoughts and actions are immature, simple as that. I love you all VERY much and I am so very appreciative of your support in following my walk.