September 5

16 miles today and I’m in a motel in Hugoton, Kansas. Nathan Meile passed me in his truck and then turned around to find out what I was about. We sat in his truck and spoke awhile and then he said, “As soon as I saw your sign I decided to give you a hundred bucks. I have a wonderful wife and three children, I really love life. I’ve been very blessed in my life, I’m a farmer and I’ve done well, I pay back every chance I get. Are you hungry?” I said yes and we went to a Chinese restaurant. Nathan then drove me to all three of the town’s motels until I found one with a vacancy.

Just about an hour ago, I was trying to find the Dollar Store and walked past a young Mexican man, maybe in his late twenties. I asked him could he direct me to Dollar General and he did. Planning on breakfast at Mickey D’s in the morning, I also asked for directions to that as well. He explained that the restaurant was in the opposite direction and offered to give me a ride. I thanked him and explained I just wanted to know because I was staying in a motel for the night and told him I was walking America. He became quite interested. He explained to me that he has a kidney disease and pulled up his sleeves to show me a yellowish tint to his skin. I said, “Man, I am so sorry, I will have you in my heart for prayer. I will be thinking of you.” He said, “Yes, please pray for me, my name is Jose.” I saw him again on the other side of the street on my way back from Dollar General and he held up my card in his hand and yelled, “I will call you!” We have to LOVE LIFE so very much that every single human being in that LIFE is eligible to receive our love. Those of y’all that believe in prayer, positive thought, meditation, or whatever as I do, please direct some energy to the fine young man, Jose. “To me, prayer is but a hope from the heart generated by Love for the well being of another.”