September 1

I’m now in the home of my good friend Spencer Dimmitt in Johnson, Kansas. I met Spencer when walking through Ulysses, Kansas where his business, The Fuel Barn, is located. We met after his friend Deputy Sheriff Terry Maas saw me trying to pitch my tent against the wind in a snow covered prairie just outside Ulysses and insisted on getting me a room. It is great seeing them again after two years.

I have shared this before, but I have about 3000 new people following me that haven’t seen it. I call it, Perspective:

One of the most common questions asked of me is if doing what I’ve done, walking the United States over 31,000 miles with the words “LOVE LIFE” in big red block letters over my head changed me. I usually jokingly reply, “Those two words melted off the sign and dripped right down through the top of my head and lodged firmly in my brain.” Actually, it was the learning to use perspective which changed me and lodged the love of life so firmly in my heart and then to my brain. Many individuals stopped because of my sign, and upon hearing of my personal tragedies, would open up their hearts and share things which had crushed their hearts. Yes, the loss of both my children is horrific, but you just would not believe the things that have been shared with me. Perspective.

Something else just as hard for me to believe, the incredible number of random acts of kindness bestowed upon me. And the magnitude of those random acts of kindness I received is truly incredible as well. Many times those acts of kindness were offered to me even before hearing of my personal tragedy. Yes, there are that many wonderfully kind people out there. Perspective.

I’ve walked the United States of America, to the tune of 32,000 miles in six coast to coast crossings; I have walked in all the lower 48 states. I have seen nothing but beauty and encountered mostly the most wonderful and kindest of individuals. When I would check into a motel room and turn on the TV, I would hear mostly negative things. Yes, I have encountered negative things in my walks, but I do not dwell on them. Why do I not dwell on them? Because the negative things are in such small numbers when compared to the incredible number of encounters of love and pure compassion I’ve experienced. That news media source I’m watching is not giving me even an equal amount of positive stories that I may make a comparison proportionally, so as to see the wonderful world and my precious gift of life in the proper perspective. I simply do not accept that negative news as the way life is. I look beyond it; I look only for the good and the love so prevalent in our fellow human beings. Remember, I’ve walked over 32,000 miles and have never suffered any real harm. Again: Perspective.