August 31

Did 16 miles today and my tent is pitched at the edge of another wind farm just outside a spot in the road called Ensign, Kansas. In McDonalds this morning, several people told me they saw my story in the Dodge City Daily Globe. One older gentleman came over and sat down across from me at my table. He said he was on dialysis and was going through a rough time. He told me that my story encouraged him. Out on the road, a Mennonite couple pulled up beside me and said they read my story in the Globe. She handed me a ten and said she was very sorry for my loss. She also told me that I was going to get heat stroke. I explained to her that I had 5 gallons of ice water on my cart that I hydrated with constantly. I showed her the drink tube that runs into the 5 gallon cooler making up my hydration system. She was still very concerned for me. Bless her heart. Three different cars stopped offering rides. Tomorrow sometime, my good friend Spencer Dimmitt from Johnson, Kansas is driving out to pick me up. Said he was going to see his doctor on Monday and she wants to meet me. So, guess I’m going to take more days off than I had planned. Life is so very beautiful when we look so hard at the good things that the negative things feel unwelcomed and soon stop coming around at all. Please, love your gift of life with all your heart no matter what. It is just simple faith that all will work out if we remain positive. I’ll share with y’all again tomorrow night. Thanks for following my Zigzag Walk.