August 30

Walking into Dodge City today, Sammy Lippoldt pulled alongside in her truck and asked did I need a ride somewhere. I told her I needed a motel that was reasonably close to the Dodge City Daily Globe and could she possibly suggest one. She said, “Why don’t you just stay at our place which isn’t far from the Globe and you can save your money?” She had seen my picture on her Facebook yesterday put there by Kris Munsch, The Birdhouse Project. She knows of Kris, being from Hays, Kansas as well. I took her up on the offer, went home with her and met her fiancée, Jeff Werner and their 2 year-old, Brad. And I thoroughly enjoyed checking out Jeff’s pristine ‘78 Trans Am and the Factory 5 GTM kit car he is building with a supercharged LS3 putting out about 650 HP! What a car! I am showered and in clean clothes. Sammy ran me down to the newspaper for my interview with Pierre, which went quite well. And I am learning more and more about Lego’s from 8 year-old Trent and 6 year-old Zach who are absolutely entertaining. Two little gentlemen indeed. They both were amazed that I walked from Spearville, where they attend school, to Dodge City, a distance of about 20 miles. I am enjoying immensely being with this fine family. LOVE LIFE my friends and meet all the people you can, do not be afraid. Be nice to everyone and everyone will more than likely to be nice to you. Life is simple. See y’all tomorrow.