August 28

I did 20 miles and I’m tented about 2 miles east of wee small place called Offerle, Kansas. Sure hope it has a c-store so I can get coffee in the morning. If not, it’s another 12 miles before I’ll get my coffee. See how rough it is out here! I’ll be in Dodge City by Thursday I think. The Dodge City Daily Globe is going to do my story again just as they did in 2001 when I walked through. And just as before, it was my friend Bob George who alerted the paper that I was walking through. And after the interview and a night’s stay in a motel, know what I’m going to do? “Get outa’ Dodge!” Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

Kris Munsch drove down from Hays Kansas to meet me when he found out I was only 50 miles away. In 2004 Kris lost his 16 year-old son, Blake, in a car wreck. He said when it first happened he quit his job as a high school teacher, sold or gave away everything but a small car that he slept in, and just drove around the country for months. After coming back, he wrote a book based around his reactions to his little boy’s death. He wrote The Bird House Project and he conducts workshops based on the book. The book and the workshops are about putting one’s life back together. He now teaches college classes on how to draw up house plans. Chis also refurbishes very old houses and enlists the help of teenagers in all his projects. He said that this morning he showed the short documentary of me by Erin Henning to 20 of his students, all males, and said that each came up to him and thanked him for showing it and that it touched them. Kris said that being around teenagers who don’t always think out a question before they ask it, has really helped him deal with the loss of his only child. He said he now knows that the horrible loss of his son has given him a tool to help others. I am very impressed with this fine man. LOVE LIFE with all your heart my friends.