August 27

Only 16 miles today facing an 18 MPH wind. I’m in my tent in the Garfield, Kansas City Park. Chuck sat down at the table next to me in Larned, Kansas Subway shop this morning. After he heard my story he told me that his father killed himself when he was 11. He was in his mid-fifties I’m guessing. We spoke for quite a while. I spoke of how they get to a point where they just cannot see the forest for the trees and do not realize the horrible pain they’re going to leave behind for their loved ones. They cannot see it because of their own great pain and distress. And so, we must forgive them. He told me that he had never been able to speak to anyone about it before. He said that he couldn’t even speak to ministers about it. Chuck said it was a breath of fresh air to have been able to talk about it to someone who could relate. He said, “Will you please allow me to give you a small donation, you are doing a great thing.” And he handed me a ten.

Just before I got into Garfield a man passed me and then turned around and was standing beside his car waiting for me. He said, “You may not remember me, but you’re Steve Fugate and I met you and interviewed you the first time you walked through Dodge City. And then I followed you to another town to interview you some more.” As soon as he said his name, Bob George, I remembered him. That was in 2001 and he was a Dodge City high school teacher. He followed the rest of my walk across the U.S. sharing my updates and newspaper articles with his students. My daughter, Shelly, kept him up to date on my adventures by sending him all the current newspaper articles on me. He and my little girl had communicated often. He was very upset to hear that I lost her. He said he still has every one of the articles. Bob now has Parkinson Disease. He was on his way to a meeting for Parkinson sufferers. We are going to try and hook up when I get to Dodge City in a few days. This will be my third time to walk through Dodge City. LOVE LIFE my friends.