August 22

I’m in my tent in a grove of trees that I don’t know what they are?? I don’t believe they’re pecan trees?? They hide from the road and its flat ground so I really don’t need to know the variety of tree. I did 17 miles today and I’m about 13 miles from Lyons, Kansas. As you can see from the pictures, I met some really cool people today.

I’m noticing something more and more folks, I meet mostly nothing but super nice people. The cyclist I met today on his way to Oregon, Scott, said he meets nothing but nice people. When Scott first stopped, he was just so very excited. He said, “Man, as I kept getting closer to you I was trying to focus in on what your sign said and then I saw it loud and clear, LOVE LIFE man!” He said it just blew his mind and he knew he just had to stop and talk to this guy. Scott is excited about life. He was smiling and outright laughing during most of our conversation. I’m excited about life and I smile and laugh a lot. There it is folks, get excited about life, make sure you’re smiling and laughing a lot, quit watching so much negative news and you too will begin meeting nice people. Aren’t you glad y’all have me and people like Scott to go out and scout the country for you and bring you all the positive things going on and showing you the wonderful precious individuals producing the positive… the nice people who make up the biggest percentage of this wonderful country. LOVE LIFE my friends.