August 19

Only did about 12 miles cause I’m a lollygagging. I’m killing time and goofing off so that I reach McPherson, Kansas (only place with motels for a while) on Wednesday morning because I will have money for a motel… YEA!!!! Walking the 2 miles out of my way to go into Marion for breakfast this morning and a lady pulled up beside me in her pickup and asked what I was a doin’ I told her and she said to the c-store around the corner and wait for her?? So, I did. She wasn’t there. I decided to go the Mom & Dads Café for breakfast. Then the lady pulls up and now she has a man with her. The man was Adam Stewart, reporter for the local paper, the Marion County Record. He steps out of the truck, his hair is soaking wet and he doesn’t seem to be a real good mood. He has a pad and pen in hand sooo, from experience, I know this guy’s a reporter type person. I said, “And how are you sir?” He said, “I was doing just fine until just a few moments ago while I was enjoying my morning shower, SHE, he nods toward the pickup driver lady, bangs on my door screaming for me to hurry up and get dressed!” I smiled real big and said, “Well I thank you so very much and I will make it worth your while.” And then I said, A morning shower huh, wow, I bet that felt great huh. I haven’t had one those in a few days… can you tell?” During the interview Adam mellowed right out. I love small town newspapers, aren’t they great! I LOVE LIFE too and all the interesting people in that life. I started loving people more as I discovered that I alone am responsible for my happiness in my walk in life and never anyone else. That caused me to stop blaming others. And in not blaming others It became much easier to love others. Now ain’t that just really easy to figger out!