August 18

I’m in my tent on a perfectly flat and freshly mowed spot behind Superior Wine and Liquor Store on U.S. 56 in Marion, Kansas, courtesy of owner Dave Yates. I did 19 miles today. A tanker truck hauling gasoline stopped and a guy named Dave asked what I was doing. I told him and after I finished the same basic story that I tell everyone, he said, “Pray for my wife will you please. Her name is Melina Eves.” I said, “Sure.” Dave walked back across the street, climbed back up in his semi and was gone. I never said one thing to that man that in my mind, would have inspired him to ask prayer from me??

About 6:00 this evening I went into Superior Wine and liquor Store in Marion, Kansas (the only thing on the highway besides Pizza Hut) to buy ice and get me a single beer. There was a young lady in there with the owner, Dave Yates. The young lady, Chelsea Darrow, said she had seen me on the road earlier and started asking me lots of questions. Soon, me, Chelsea and Dave were laughing and having a great time. Chelsea made a run to the grocery store for me and while she was gone Dave and I talked about life. About how life is about giving and paying forward. Dave would not let me pay for my purchases and suggested I tent behind his building. He said that on his way home he was going to stop at the police station and let them know I was behind his shop so they could check on me. Later this evening Chelsea came up to my tent to check on me she said. We ended up in a long conversation about some serious things going on in r life right now. She put her arms around my neck and said that I had helped her a lot. Good, I hope so. She was very sweet. If we concentrate on the LOVE of LIFE with all our hearts we see a lot more good things in life than bad things. Why? Because, there ARE more good things in life than bad things. Just keep your eyes on me and I’ll prove it to you! LOVE LIFE!