August 15

I did 20 miles today and one mile of it was helped by 60 MPH gusts at my back! I swear to you, at one point, I had to hold onto a sign post to keep from being blown into the traffic. My sign makes a great sail. And of course I got soaked. I’m at an I-70 truck stop just out of Junction City, Kansas where the nice people are letting me hold up out of the storm. Michael Hazelton, who attended one of my talks at Fort Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, just notified me on Fb and told me he saw me in Junction City today but couldn’t stop.

Keith Poe pulled his bike up to me after I watched him pass and then turn around. He said, “Man, I just really felt compelled to turn around and talk to you.” I told him my story and he said that he could relate. I told him I was so very sorry for his loss and he started telling his story. In Goodlettsville, Tennessee on March 4, 1999 his home caught on fire from the upstairs where his two little boys, Seth, 4, and Ryan, 2 years-old, were sleeping. Keith and his father-in-law were both severely burned trying to rescue his babies but to no avail. He lost his baby boys. His 11 year-old daughter and his wife were downstairs and so were not harmed. Keith said, “Both my little boys dyed by smoke inhalation, they weren’t burned to death, I’m thankful for that.” Folks, I don’t want to hear about three flat tires in a week… you know what I mean. Keith told me he now has four other beautiful children by another wife and said he is very thankful for what he has but said not a day passes he doesn’t think of his two little ones lost. I told him I certainly could relate to that. I reached to shake his hand and he said, “No way man, I’m hugging you!” After the great hug he said, “Thank you man, thanks for listening to me”. Love did that ladies and gentlemen. LOVE LIFE until you love all the human beings in life, not just in your life.