August 12

Well, that farmer’s field I camped in last night was not high enough. I was aware that it was raining all night but was not concerned because my Eastern Mountain Sports “Sugar Shack” tent has more than proven itself in fierce thunderstorms like last night. However, when I sat up to survey the weather outside about 4:00 AM, It caused the tents bathtub floor to be lower than the 8 inches of accumulated water on the ground outside and so, the bathtub floor became just that, a bathtub. So there I sat in the water for nearly two hours being thankful that it is August and the wonderful sun would take care of my little problem. When it got light enough, I charged outside to wade around and get my soaking wet gear together. Thankfully, I use lots of plastic bags and so the only thing really soaked was me, my clothes, and my sleeping bag. I walked on into Blue Rapids, Kansas and waited for the sun to make me new again!

It was nearly 3:00 before I got everything dried out and reorganized. I only did 8 miles today because just out of Blue Rapids, Joe Sauer and Helen Stucky-Risdon stopped and Helen invited me into her home 4 miles down the road in Waterville. I am in her home now. She is founder and director of Wellness Weavers. An organization aimed at helping communities learn more about healthy living. You can check ‘em out I’m betting you’ll be as fascinated as I am with what her organization is doing. After my shower I told Helen and Joe, “Anyone instrumental in my obtaining a shower has a friend for life! And she served a real roast beef! With potatoes and carrots, and onions and stuff. So much better than Mickey D’s and convenience store fare. Helen is an awesome cook. See, I told y’all, anytime something bad happens to me something good comes right behind it. I am loving life and enjoying meeting new and interesting people in my adventures. LOVE LIFE until you only see the good in people. Good night my sweet friends, I love you.